“Blood alone moves the wheels of history.” – Martin Luther


The cost of getting rid of dictatorship is far less than the cost of living under it for a long time to come. nothing speaks this louder than the french revolution (La Grande Révolution).

It took the french 3 uprisings in a 11-year span to bring down feudality, a decade during which a king was beheaded and 17000 citizens were executed under martial law, not to mention the tens of thousands killed in the disturbances that ensued.

The more difficult part was building a democratic rule out of the ruins of the dark ages, which took over a century. a period in which 5 political regimes were introduced, reaching to the 5th republic that we currently know.

This sends a message to the revolting Arabs: we may have some fuzzy days ahead, but this is certainly not an excuse to settle for darkness. With all the sacrifices suffered in the Arab Spring, you have surely earned your freedom.


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