The grey city

The grey city

This is Gaza, looking at it you’ll notice the skyline of grey colored buildings.. this is the color of cement.
It is grey because Gazans rarely paint their houses, and this is mainly because the economic status of the vast majority is middle class level and below. For most of them, it’s a miracle they managed to even build a house !
Yeah and you might as well notice how crowded the city is.

~ Photo by Ali Ashour


2 thoughts on “The grey city

  1. Eve May 17, 2017 / 6:33 am

    Ottimo Simon. Quoto.Ad “Osservatore” (un pò miope, cmq…) vorrei fare osservare che agli ultra-tradizionalisti, tutto, ma davvero tutto, si può rimproverare, tranne una sola cosa: che facciano sfregio delle norme liturgiche.Qesta è una (perchè sono campioni in verie (in)discipline) specialità dei &##880;progressistiࢭ&82230;

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